URGENT: ICE Releasing Illegal Immigrants Into U.S.

They are pouring people into the Southern states.

The new policy may bring some relief to local shelters in South Texas border communities located in the Rio Grande Valley depending on where ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officials choose to release the migrants. The change in procedure is likely driven by increased media attention to the issue. It will likely result in migrants being released away from border communities in the Rio Grande Valley.

According to sources familiar with the new policy, ICE will transport many of the released migrants away from the immediate border region to family residential detention centers to await release. If this occurs, it will require significant funding for transportation costs associated with the movement of migrants to other cities.

Family residential detention centers operated by ICE are in smaller Texas communities surrounding San Antonio with insufficient public transportation resources to move the migrants. Sources tell Breitbart News this increases the likelihood that migrant releases will increase in San Antonio. The move is largely designed to change the current optics of where migrants are released. It is unlikely to impact the increased flow of arriving migrants.

As reported by Breitbart News, the ill-timed migrant releases before the winter storm were an ominous sign for border communities. Many lacked sufficient resources to deal with hundreds of released migrants. According to law enforcement sources, COVID-19 testing of released migrants is still not happening in many border communities.

During the cold snap in Texas, humanitarian shelters along the border quickly filled as transportation companies shut down operations. In some cases, migrants turned to local businesses for warmth as power failed at non-government humanitarian shelters. Residents in one Texas border community reported seeing migrants wandering through large department stores where, fortunately, power and heat were still available during the crisis.

Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas, posted a YouTube video strongly urging President Biden to halt migrant releases within his city and surrounding communities. In the video, Mayor Lozano highlights the devastating conditions caused by recent freezing weather and the lack of available resources to cope with the released migrants. He raises COVID-19 concerns within the community and pleads for sufficient resources to address the influx of migrants.

Although little has changed regarding the situation in West Texas, law enforcement sources indicate the message may have resonated elsewhere as the new practices regarding how migrants are released in the Rio Grande Valley suddenly changed.

The volume of arrests within the Rio Grande Valley will determine how long the new plan remains in effect. According to CBP, Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley arrested more than 69,000 migrants since the start of this fiscal year, which began in October 2020, through January. Compared to the same time frame last fiscal year, the increase in arrests is a staggering 136 percent.

Breitbart News reached out to ICE officials for additional information about the policy change. A response was not available by press time.

Sources: Breitbart: Exclusive: ICE to Release Migrants Further into U.S. — Away from Texas Border Cities

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. AND….??? WHO is this act “helping”…???? Certainly NOT American Citizen who are struggling themselves….Are they all CRAZY there in Washington…

  2. They should take all the illegals to Washington, D.C., and put them in the new fenced-in area. Let the Democraps in Congress take care of them.

  3. Someone needs to tell these immigrants that there are NO jobs for them. They most likely don’t even speak English anyway. They need to be told that here are no jobs for us, so how do they expect to live. I dearly would love to take 10 bus loads of them to DC and have them have their way with the congress women so Congress can see what evil they unleashed in America. If my thoughts bother some of you – tough! It’s about time we stood up for us!

  4. Every business in the USA should get together and form a class action law suite against this administration and anyone responsible for the lock down orders. IMO …open your businesses and slap the law suites on anyone who dares to punish. While the country is abused with all these restrictions …..this dementia stricken buffoon in the WH is turning loose thousands of illegals on our society with no concern for pandemic consequences.

  5. Once again lyin Biden doing nothing for illegal immigration. He wants it but releases the problem of it onto the states to deal with. The Biden administration has mo plan, no brains and the dumbest people on his choo choo train i have ever seen. That idiot Rydaski or whatever doesn’t talk like an adult. She talks in circles like a child being chastised by their parent. None of the Biden benders know what they are doing. Its a mess and so unorganized and all they worry about is getting at Trump. They know he was the BEST President this country has ever had. Let the dummicrats take care of the illegals. I for one do not want one penny if my paycheck to go to them. Thats my money, they did not work here. Let them take care of it and work to support their family just like we do. Biden is bad for America and he smiles because he knows the country hates him but he is blind by dementia. Im surprised his “Dr.” Wife hasn’t diagnosed him yet. Oh I’m sorry, did he play kickball?

  6. What is really bad about this, Biden said that was what he was going to do if elected and the Democrats voted for him to do this. If Trump had said he was going to do this, he would never have gotten my vote.This is wrong and should never happen in this country. I can’t believe people voted for him to do this.

  7. Why in the hell would you transport all those illegals into areas inside the us to spread covid and cause trouble? Really we don’t need them we have enough going on with all bidens crap. Send them back!! We don’t want or need more than we can take care of. Send them to Delaware…like in Bidens drivewat.

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