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USA Starting To Disapprove Of Biden

They should feel bad for electing him now.

Now, however, Gallup says Biden’s approval rating is “showing the first signs of meaningful decline.” In the latest Gallup poll, Biden is at 50% approval and 45% disapproval — down from 57% approval and 37% disapproval at the start of his term. That sort of decline is “typical for recent presidents,” Gallup notes. Biden, who early on enjoyed great approval in some circles simply for not being former President Donald Trump, is beginning to succumb to the law of political gravity.

Who is behind the decline? Democrats and independents. Among members of his own party, Biden’s approval rating has slipped from 98% to 90%. Yes, that’s 8 points, but when you start with near-unanimous approval in your party, you’re still doing quite well if you “fall” to 90%. Biden’s bigger problem is with independents. In the Gallup poll, his approval rating among them was 61% at the beginning of his presidency and has now fallen to 48%. That marks “the first time he has less-than majority approval among independents,” notes Gallup.

Sources: HotAir: Biden approval showing “first signs of meaningful decline”

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. More bought out biased medias propaganda LIES by the anti-American democrats tools to fools the masses because the polls are far more against Biden and We The people know this!

  2. We the people did not elect Biden he’s been in gov since the 70s and failed. The fact he said nothing of illegal alien Obama real name Barry makes Biden is a traitor.

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