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Watch As Kamala Tries To Distract You

Distraction is key for Harris.

As I previously reported, Kamala Harris appeared on “The View” earlier today.

Perhaps I should say, she appeared remotely from a room in the same building after it was announced that just before her interview on the show, that two of the hosts had tested positive for COVID — Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro. The two hosts were then pulled off the show, live, on the air.

The show took questions from the audience for several minutes while they set up an alternative feed to interview Harris so as not to have her near any of the hosts.

But when they did interview her, they continued to push the false story of the CBP treatment of the Haitian illegal aliens at the border in Del Rio, Texas.

Sara Haines asks her about the Border Patrol agents “inhumanely corralling Haitians.” The agents were not “inhumanely corralling” people — they were trying to prevent them from entering illegally.

“I was outraged by it, it was horrible, and deeply troubling…[T]here needs to be consequences…Human beings should not be treated that way and it also evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history” where such ‘”behavior” has been used like in times of “slavery,” Harris claimed.

This is insane. There were no whips and no one was whipped by anything. But that hasn’t stopped them from pushing this story. Notice how she’s not mentioning the whips anymore because they know it’s a lie but they’re still pushing it anyway, not defining what is “horrible.”

Comparing this to slavery is further defaming these CBP agents who were already defamed with false allegations. It’s also diminishing the actual ills of slavery when you are comparing agents doing their job at the border with slavery. Harris isn’t the first Democrat to resort to this shameful claim — Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made the same claim yesterday. They’re both just going beyond the pale with that comparison.

Kamala being Kamala, she also couldn’t help cackling during her statement. What exactly is funny about any of this? She actually laughed when she talked about such “behavior” being used against “indigenous people.” I’m not sure what would be funny about that.

What she never asks is if this is so horrible, then how did it happen on her watch? What is she doing going on a television show when this is going on, if this is such a horrible thing? How did she let it happen?

The Biden-Harris Administration is going to completely throw these CBP guys under the bus for this and throw away the key over a completely invented media/Democratic narrative. Meanwhile, no one is talking about their bad border policies anymore and the thousands of people flooding across the border and camping under bridges. Which is the whole point behind why they are going along with all this narrative, because it succeeding in distracting from the greater issue, which is totally their fault and for which they should be held accountable.

Sources: RedState: Kamala Harris Throws the CBP Under the Bus Because It’s All About Distraction

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. “La peripateticienne” has really nothing to do in government!
    She has no idea how to do her previous job. What do they think she can do if the senile rapist is taken down because of his dementia?
    She has had no experience in anything close to managing an office of any size, as she was only asked to jail pot smokers, but release murderers!
    Do the handlers believe she will do as they say?
    Let’s see how “biden the senile” obey the handlers!
    TYRANNY is what “bo the 44 TRAITOR” was always wanting to install n the US government. Today it is a reality with “bo the 44 TRAITOR”‘s Third Term as “biden’s mentor!

  2. The ho is a worthless POS and everyone knows why she was picked for VP. She fit the billet of being a woman and black. Her job is way over her head and since she doesn’t know how to do it she cackles and hides just like her boss. The whole administration and the Marxists in Congress are tearing down this nation that was once a great nation. Our allies no longer want anything to do with us and I don’t blame them. The southern border will ruin America and with all the ILLEGAL MIGRANTS invading the country and spreading all kinds of diseases that were once eradicated here. I know I am preaching to the choir but I don’t know what else to do.

  3. i feel this is a shame of a woman she has such a disturbing past with her relations with jerry brown and i dont think this type of individual should be in position of power such as she has…PERIOD she grates the nerves and ear drums of people with her sarcasm with hostility bleeding thorough any time she opens her mouth to be ended or sprinkled with cackle like laughter. when someone whips someone they would not use an item that is attached to an animal reins for the horses are there attached via the mouth bit…….when you speak speak from intelligence not stupid race baiting…….it seems to me that the black community takes every opportunity to race bait and would do so much better with people values if they did not pursue race baiting. this is not a stable looking up to kind of woman. PERIOD

  4. Another False narrative courtesy of the Left. I just Love it when Biden and Harris Talk out of Turn about something that they don’t have all the Facts About. And of course Harris Has to try and relate everything that Happens or Doesn’t Happen about Slavery. It has to have some Relation to Slavery. Both of them are Nothing but a Couple of Grand standers There’s currently an Investigation in Progress. And what Exactly are they going to Investigate, NOTHING! The Photographer That took the Pictures has stated No one was Whipped, No one was Abused or Mistreated. But Oh No. Mr. Biden says people are going to Pay, Because there will Be Consequences for their acts. These Border Patrol agents Did Nothing wrong, They are trying to do their Job regardless of the restraints Joe Biden Keeps putting on them. I Have a Question? When is Joe Biden and Hunter Biden Going to be Held Responsible for the CRIMES they’ve Committed? When are there Going to be Consequences For their Actions? Because the List Is Getting Quite Long at this Point.

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