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Watch: CNN Anchor Confronted

This is a scandal waiting to happen.

Despite being host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” which “examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover,” Brian Stelter didn’t seem too interested in speaking with a Project Veritas reporter who confronted him about the organization’s videos released this week that exposed his colleague talking about bias and propaganda at the network.

“I feel really bad for you,” Stelter told the PV reporter while sporting a sweatshirt that read, “Journalism Matters. Now More Than Ever.”

“Do you report any news that [CNN President] Jeff Zucker doesn’t directly tell you to report?” the PV employee asked.

In one of the videos exposing CNN, technical director Charlie Chester explains why the network hyped the COVID-19 death count—“fear really drives numbers,” he explained.

“Like, this special red phone rings and they pick it up and it’s, like, the head of the network being like, ‘There’s nothing that you’re doing right now that makes me want to stick. Put the numbers back up. Because that’s the most enticing thing that we have.’ So things like that are constantly talked about,” Chester told an undercover PV journalist.

Chester also said the network engaged in “propaganda” to help get Joe Biden elected, and that they’re focusing on the allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz to get him out of office, referring to the Florida Republican as a “problem for the Democratic Party.”

The reporter asked Stelter if he had any comments about the videos and if Chester is still employed at CNN. Meanwhile, the CNN host is trying to get security.

“Are you a journalist? Are you able to report anything that’s not directly handed down from…” the reporter says, before Stelter interjects: “I report whatever I want.”

Sources: TownHall: Watch What Happens When Brian Stelter Gets Confronted About Project Veritas Videos Exposing CNN

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The cnn ” COMMIE news network” always in on protecting corruption oh that’s a good one to “cnn= corrupt news network” oh how about “crazy nothing news” or “common news nitwits” or ” complete no nothings” come on America come up with other sayings for the fake news !!!

  2. Amazing how he opens his eyes so much more when someone takes his picture.
    HAIRLESS BUTTERBALL has many internal disfunctions. First: his clothing choice! That can be forgiven. His choice of channel: Communist News Network, or clinton networth news. Turner decidedly demonstrated his idiotic jealousy when Baron Bic beat him in the America’s Cup. Since then, it has been a downward fall. That Bibelobis, that Bibendum, that Bib, has NOTHING interesting to say, night after night. He uses fresh air to say nothing interesting. Only criticizing the Conservatives, for everything. NOTHING UPLIFTING coming from that Butterball!

  3. There is not a climate change from people it is just the EARTH has rotated of it’s axis. The weather that used to come down it is now coming down on the other side of the Rocky mountain.

  4. Say That looks like that Mental from that old war movie (platoon ?), who shot R. Lee Ermy than sucked off his M-14, I thought they called him “Gomer” but maybe I misheard and they were saying “Stelter”, About the same mentality on Both counts….

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