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We Have Just Set A New Embarassing Record

Way to go, Biden!

The total reflects arrests made within the nine southwest Border Patrol Sectors from California to Texas. According to CBP, the previous record stood since 2000 when 1,643,679 were arrested.

The source says the final apprehension number will increase by at least 10,000 when the fiscal year officially closes on September 30 and is reported near mid-October.

The total, according to the source, does not include more than 2,000 migrants arrested by the Border Patrol along the northern and coastal borders of the United States. The number also does not include migrant apprehensions made by CBP officers at ports of entry.

The source says the northern and coastal Border Patrol sectors show lagging totals compared to the past due to staffing shortages caused by the movement of personnel to the southwest.

In a news interview on Sunday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the increase in apprehensions is nothing new. Mayorkas told Fox News Chris Wallace, “We are certainly seeing a large number here this year, but in 2019, we saw a large number. In 2014, in 2010. This is nothing new,” he says.

The statement contradicts the reality that the total number of migrant apprehensions along the southwest border with Mexico is higher than any recorded yearly apprehension statistic, dating to 1925 when 22,199 migrants were arrested by the Border Patrol–mostly on horseback.

Sources: Breitbart: EXCLUSIVE: Border Patrol Breaks All-Time Migrant Apprehension Record in 2021

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. As time goes by it’s seams to be getting worse for America. Biden and his followers, from both inside and outside this country, are progressively destroying our great nation. However, I have faith that God’s just testing our faith and if enough of his people will turn their eyes to heaven and say a little prayer God will listen and answer our prayers. There is no doubt that the Democratic party is the party of the Devil as one only has to look at what they stand for and how much damage they has already caused to our nation. Wake up America before it’s too late !!!

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