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What Did She Say?

Co-Host on the View’s damning remarks.

Sunny Hostin, a co-host of The View, asserted during Monday’s show that Kyle Rittenhouse “wouldn’t be alive now” if he was black.

After fellow co-host Joy Behar asked whether or not the defendant would be free now had he been black, Hostin responded by saying, “No, he wouldn’t be alive now.”

Hostin added that she did not believe Rittenhouse’s shootings were a clear case of self-defense.

“I think that when you certainly go to a place with an AR-15-style weapon, and you shoot someone and you’re running away from that shooting and people are running after you because they think you’re an active shooter, I don’t know that that is a cut and dry self-defense case as to second person and the third person,” Hostin said.

“This is sort of a bellwether of where we are as a country,” Hostin continued, “When you have people now, I think, that will be afraid to exercise their constitutional right to protest. Because now this country, really, has said, because so many people are very supportive of this young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, as this hero of the Second Amendment, as this hero of self-defense, and I think people now will think, well, someone can legally come to a protest and under the cover of law, kill me.”

Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges Friday after being taken to court for fatally shooting two men, and injuring a third during a riot in Kenosha last year that was in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Sources: TownHall: Co-Host of The View Claims Rittenhouse ‘Wouldn’t be Alive Now’ if He Was Black

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. I totally agree with cheetah 70! This is dangerous rhetoric and apparently these folks did not follow the trial as evidence clearly showed it was self-defense. Words have consequences and lives can be decimated by those who do not research but throw out their opinion as fact! As these two did. Shameful!

  2. Sunny Hostin, a co-host of The View, fits right in with the rest of that guttersnipe tripe. She should educate herself before grandstanding with fake news. There was ZERO racism in the Rittenhouse case!

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