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White House Is Shocked That The GOP Will Not Fund Green New Deal

Have they gone crazy?

As Reagan reported earlier, Senate Republicans sent President Joe Biden a counteroffer on an infrastructure package as negotiations over the price of the legislation continue.

Senate Republicans rolled out a counter offer to the Biden administration’s infrastructure package, with a more modest price tag than that of Democrat proposals. The GOP’s proposal totals $928 billion, compared to the Biden administration’s $2 trillion package. Likewise, $257 billion in new spending is included in the Republican counter offer, compared to $1.7 trillion in the administration’s version.

The White House is responding to the proposal, noting complaints about a lack of Green New Deal pet projects and using leftover Wuhan coronavirus relief funds to pay for the bill.

“We are grateful for the work of Senator Capito and her colleagues on this proposal. It is encouraging to see her group come forward with a substantially increased the funding level—nearing $1 trillion. We appreciate the hard work that went in to making this proposal and continuing these negotiations. Senator Capito told the President that her team would provide us with more details later today, and we look forward to getting that information,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released in a statement. “At first review, we note several constructive additions to the group’s previous proposals, including on roads, bridges and rail.

At the same time, we remain concerned that their plan still provides no substantial new funds for critical job-creating needs, such as fixing our veterans’ hospitals, building modern rail systems, repairing our transit systems, removing dangerous lead pipes, and powering America’s leadership in a job-creating clean energy economy, among other things. Lastly, we are concerned that the proposal on how to pay for the plan remains unclear: we are worried that major cuts in COVID relief funds could imperil pending aid to small businesses, restaurants and rural hospitals using this money to get back on their feet after the crush of the pandemic.”

“As for the path forward, the President called Senator Capito to thank her for the proposal, and to tell her that he would follow-up after getting additional detail. We are also continuing to explore other proposals that we hope will emerge. Though there are no votes in Congress next week, we will work actively with members of the House and Senate next week, so that there is a clear direction on how to advance much-needed jobs legislation when Congress resumes legislative business during the week of June 7,” Psaki continued.

President Biden plans to “pay for” his $1.7 trillion plan with tax increases.

Sources: TownHall: White House Seems Disappointed Republicans Won’t Fund Their Green New Deal

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. The main problem is that the democraps stop all green tryouts in the past cause it did not suit there agenda then now they are trying to ram it down our throats cause it does suit their agendas now, what a bunch of hypocrites. If corporations would guit fighting over who gets the most money out of a new invention and just let it happen for the sake of humanity then greener things could and would exsist.

  2. The western Kremlin is Shocked? Really?, Kommissar bidenski is Shocked?, He could really be taking a cut of Kamala’s flat-back money and paying for his own green new deal, before his wife see’s it

  3. The liberal scum intend to bankrupt the USA. How much longer will w tolerate this before we resolve the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical tick problem once and for all?

  4. Stupid aoc is in charge!
    omar is there with her.
    They both have broken the laws about fundings, and spending.
    Cannot trust anybody on the left!
    TOO CORRUPT to the core!

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