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White House Scandals Rocking Biden Administration

Leaked memos are so shocking you won’t believe it.

Vanity Fair reports: 

The confrontation began on Inauguration Day, January 20, after Palmeri, a coauthor of Politico’s Playbook, contacted McCammond for comment while one of her male colleagues left a message for Ducklo, according to sources. […] But instead of calling the male reporter who initially contacted him, Ducklo tried to intimidate Palmeri by phone in an effort to kill the story. “I will destroy you,” Ducklo told her, according to sources, adding that he would ruin her reputation if she published it.
During the off-the-record call, Ducklo made derogatory and misogynistic comments, accusing Palmeri of only reporting on his relationship—which, due to the ethics questions that factor into the relationship between a journalist and White House official, falls under the purview of her reporting beat—because she was “jealous” that an unidentified man in the past had “wanted to fuck” McCammond “and not you.” Ducklo also accused Palmeri of being “jealous” of his relationship with McCammond.

Hours following Vanity Fair‘s report, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced that Ducklo (pictured) would not be fired and instead be placed on a one-week suspension without pay.

“TJ Ducklo has apologized to the reporter, with whom he had a heated conversation about his personal life. He is the first to acknowledge this is not the standard of behavior set out by the President,” Psaki wrote on Twitter. “In addition to his initial apology, he has sent the reporter a personal note expressing his profound regret.”

“With the approval of the White House Chief of Staff, he has been placed on a one-week suspension without pay,” the White House official added. “In addition, when he returns, he will no longer be assigned to work with any reporters at Politico.”

Ducklo has yet to issue a statement addressing the controversy. Palmeri has remained mum as well.

The White House’s decision to keep Ducklo appears to violate a pledge made by Biden to terminate members of his administration who conduct themselves disrespectfully towards others. In a January 21 video conference, Biden assured staff that his administration will lead with “core American values” and “humility and trust.”

“Everybody is entitled to be treated with decency and dignity,” Biden said. “That’s been missing in a big way the last four years.”

“I am not joking when I say this … if you ever work with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect … talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot … on the spot. No ifs, ands, or buts,” the president warned.

At the start of the Biden administration, Psaki told reporters she had a “deep respect for the role of a free and independent press in our democracy.”

“There will be moments when we disagree, and there will certainly be days where we disagree for extensive parts of the briefing even, perhaps,” she stated. “But we have a common goal, which is sharing accurate information with the American people.”

Sources: Breitbart: Report: Biden Aide T.J. Ducklo Threatened to ‘Destroy’ Politico Reporter for Story on His Relationship With Axios Journalist

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. These are some double standards sons of bitches these democRats are If that had been someone on President Trumps staff It would be headlines everywhere So worthless fucking Biden gives him a week off without pay I would like to know who will we check with to see if he got his pay See Biden is like Obama They can only get slimy greasy people to work for them because that is what they are They were low life’s their entire life If Biden were in the civilian workforce he wouldn’t be He would have been a career criminal out there here his is in the White House I will never call him president I think he should be named the Bastard President illegitimate doesn’t have the same meaning for a very deserving piece of shit

  2. Just more “do as I say, not as i do.” from the “Bribe”den administration. If this staffer had followed his leader’s example he would have stormed off in a huff at 1/4 normal walking speed as per “Bribe”den’s example when asked a question he disliked by the press.

  3. Don’t think he will make it 4 years. Kamilla won’t make it either. Can you say president nancy?
    we are so screwed. Only hope is for people still in power to prove the truth of fraudulent election and see if Trump will agree to come back!

  4. Hey Sleepy, we do not expect you to keep your promises. loss of pay one week, is not firing. liar liar pants on fire

  5. The “Big Guy” has set his precedents. The whole effing organization is on par already with that ahole.
    Everybody in the DEMONRAT side has had or has SEXUAL problems: just like the”big guy”, they are entitled to anything they effing want.The chinese are sending many a “honey” to take down all the people they can. Example: SWALLOWWELL! He’s been eating at the chinese Y for quite some time now. Feinstein has had her little chinese sycophant for many years. And the “big guy” himself, with his son and his addiction to porn, crack, and money, they are just the right combination of “””LEADERS””” that will keep up with PRESIDENT TRUMP???

  6. Joe gets blamed for everything and he’s kept in the basement until they trot him out to sign where they tell him to. Poor sucker will go down in history as the worst.

  7. The Biden administration has hit the ground running. They are trying to out do the Trump administration in everything they hated about it, lies, ethical problems (accused) and signing executive orders to rule like a dictator (Biden’s own description of any President doing executive orders).

  8. Little Red Riding Hood aka Jen Psaki stated, “we have a common goal, which is sharing accurate information with the American people!” She’s now been on the job for more then 3 weeks, and every question she is asked is answered with Jackass Joe doublespeak, She never gives a straight, direct answer, and after blubbering around for five minutes, her common statement is, “I’ll circle around and get back to you.” Typical Democrat gibberish at the highest level of government. As Jackass Joe himself would say, “Come on man, give me a break, you know what I mean!” Sure we do, Joe!

  9. WHO KNEW ? ? ? ? ? You simply have to understand, that Biden does not remember, ever saying he would fire anybody, for, any reason ! Your, just, going to have to take that up, with Kamala !

  10. Create another executive order to demand how we speak and what we speak and when we can speak. Not that I agree with what was or was not said. I just agree with the right to say it. It’s the first amendment sleepy Joe.

  11. Create another executive order to demand how we speak and what we speak and when we can speak. Not that I agree with what was or was not said. I just agree with the right to say it. It’s the first amendment sleepy creepy quid quo pro Joe.

  12. this is all a big joke. beijing biden and his “doctor” wife. I know this is off subject, but I just want to throw it out there before I barf. all the cutesy cardboard kindergarten crap that this wanna be teacher put all over the Whitehouse lawn looked so tacky. a few blocks away, they are screaming for Trumps head on a pike. then the reporter asks about joey and Jill s love story. here it is folks. biden and his first wife were friends with jill and her bar owning husband, they put him in office in Delaware as a commissioner. along the way, joey and jilly had an affair, and the first wife found out. she drove her and the three kids in front of a semi. killed one, and herself, left hunter and beau barely alive. jilly took care of all of them, no pun intended. hubby found out accidentally, she didn’t deny and left. they did not meet on a blind date. that is so much horse s–t. read the book her ex has out. they were cheats from the word go. still are. sorry to rant, just want the truth about these scums out there. she can’t hold a candle to Melania. that lady has class. back to the article, beijing probably applauded the guy for being a jerk. right up his alley……. #46 Illegitimate.

  13. Hey Joe…you drew a line in the sand pretty much like your ole pal Obama. If you lay down a rule and within days someone violates it…it means one thing when you don’t Fire him on the spot, no ands, if, or buts about it…Your weak and shouldn’t be leading the most power Nation in the World. Your an embarrassment Joe. You talk like a badass “I’d take him behind the Wood Shed and beat the hell out of him” referring to Trump. You couldn’t punch your way out of a wet paper bag….you Dementia ridden weasel. Either Fire Ducklo ASAP…or continue your rein as the second biggest embarrassment of the USA, Obama being #1.

  14. To begin with, Biden’s ridiculous statement that decency and dignity have been missing for the last four years is nonsense! The last four years have been the best four years for a long time and were considered excellent as all have said! It’s highly unlikely that the coming four years will in any way match the former four years!

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