Will Republicans Back Cheney For President?

The GOP is unsure.

There have been a few headlines making the rounds today suggesting that Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney might be considering a White House bid in 2024. Given her very high-profile battles with Donald Trump (and her vote to impeach him), Cheney is in a somewhat unique position in the party at the moment. She’s going to be facing multiple primary challengers in the midterms, but if she makes it through that obstacle course, she’ll likely retain her position in the House GOP leadership. (She already fended off one challenge this year.) But the White House? Seriously? We’ll get to the reality behind this in a moment. (NY Post)

House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney is not ruling out a potential presidential bid, The Post has learned.
“I’m not ruling anything in or out — I’ve been here a long time,” she told The Post when asked if she would ever consider running in the future.
The Wyoming Republican — who has been a frequent target of former President Donald Trump — said there are a number of contenders she sees as having potential for the 2024 nomination, adding that she believes the lawmakers who led the efforts on challenging the election on Jan. 6 should be out of the running.

A quick bit of checking will reveal where this story most likely got started. There are a number of signals that politicians send when they’re seriously getting ready to gear up for a White House bid. They generally team up with a larger fundraising PAC or start one of their own. They form an “exploratory committee” to test the waters. They begin hiring staff in parts of the country outside of their home state and D.C. There doesn’t seem to be any indication that Cheney has been doing any of those things.

Here’s the far more likely scenario. We’re in an odd-numbered year without an election looming. On top of that, Donald Trump is not only out of office but he’s not on Twitter anymore so the press corps is getting bored and looking to generate some clicks. So rather than this being an idea that Cheney cooked up herself, this clearly appears to be a case where a reporter decided to pick out a prominent Trump critic with a lot of name recognition and ask, “are you looking at a possible presidential bid? Have you ruled that out?”

As predictably as the sun rising in the east, Cheney responds with the same answer anyone gives at that moment. “I haven’t ruled it out.” Of course she hasn’t. You could ask the most junior backbenchers in the House and they’d likely say that same thing seven out of ten times. Hell, I haven’t ruled out running. (Just in case you felt inclined to ask.) That doesn’t mean I’d have a realistic shot.

Of course, Cheney has me beat in the name recognition category by roughly one million percent and she comes from a political dynasty, so it’s not as if the idea is completely fatuous. But it seems to me that she could have a very tough row to hoe in the presidential primary. If we assume that Donald Trump isn’t running himself (a very big assumption), his most fervent supporters will be looking for someone to be The Next Coming of Trump and you can bet that Cheney would have a bullseye on her back for that. If it’s a crowded field, that doesn’t rule her out instantly, so it’s not as if she couldn’t go deep. But if the pro-Trump support solidifies behind one candidate in the early going, it’s going to be tough for the NeverTrump candidates to gain a lot of momentum.

Still, as I mentioned above, this “candidacy” is entirely vaporware for now and a lot of other people seem far more likely to be building some campaign infrastructure before Cheney. (Niki Haley comes immediately to mind.)

Sources: Hot Air: Liz Cheney 2024?

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. No way. She’s a lousy neocon RINO globalist. She’ll never get the nomination. We all learned our lesson about these neocon phonies with the Bushes. They claim to be conservative when campaigning and then show their true colors when in office.

  2. Who wants a Rino that can’t make up her mind what side she is supposed to represent. At least the Democrats stand together in all their lies and propaganda.

  3. Republicans Support lez chaney ? You gotta be Kidding, what in hell kind of an Idiot would support THAT anti American Piece of Garbage ?

  4. Not going to happen after what she said about Trump. The RINO doesn’t stand a chance of getting Republican support!! What a joke to think she has the experience to be President.

  5. Don’t be so sure that rino Liz couldn’t be “voted in” ….look what happened with Grifter and the Woke; they “won” the election.

    • My Opine is that the only Republican to back cheney will be Mutt rummey of Utah ! and then Only if he is DRUNK as USUAL….

  6. She needs to disappear she a 2 face rhino that does have the trust of any loyal republican the name is not going to carry her she’s out of reach with the people

  7. Well said…But we are not out of the woods yet. The Democratic Communist Party (DCP) is here, and as any nation that embraces communism the results are devastating and that is if they can get rid of it once it’s enforced. But if in fact, we are 75,000,000 million strong we might be able to turn things around. We have the power. The power of the people, the American People. All those people that crave freedom, all freedoms, like it used to be. Let’s talk to neighbors, our friends let’s unite and take our country back from these communist idiots. They want to eradicate us? We can fight back. Do you have any idea what a 75,000,000 million people boycott would do to these communist? It would cripple them. We did it with baseball, we can do it with the NBA, NFL, Coca Cola, the Airlines and others. We don’t have money, we are the party of the working class. We don’t have millions to donate but we have good hearts and the will to live in a country with all the freedoms that were created for ALL PEOPLE not just a few to enjoy. Let’s unite and vote those communists out of power.

  8. I can only speak for myself, of course, but that RINO has no chance of getting my vote for anything. She’s lucky I don’t live in Wyoming. She’d be dog catcher.

  9. We need to pray Trump will run again and that he will win. Look what has happened to our country since this crooked bunch took office? China will rule if Biden continues in office.. Biden is a Chinese puppet. Do your home work people!! Watch Kerry. Weird how he come out of the bushes after Trump left office. America is in trouble and only prayer can save her. Watch and be in prayer as we go along this sad time. This bunch in Washington has no idea what is going on out here where we live. Most of them are a bunch of power hungry non caring bunch that could care less for “We The People” out here working our butts off to support them. Have you ever thought about that?????

  10. Missy Cheney is just all of those Far Lefties Democrats, when they win their election, because of their promises, they will always break all of those promises that they made, just to go on doing business, like there is NO problem, and just keep on claiming their paychecks! And then drive The USA’s Railroad Train Right Off Their Anti-US Constitutional Cliff!!!

  11. Why in the world does this woman think that Republicans will vote for her!!!???. With the Reps she has no chance. She is a backstabber, double crosser, hateful person. HOW CAN SHE EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING FOR PRESIDENT from the Republican side. DONT EVEN TRY!
    Unfortunately , YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITH THE REPS, change to the DEMOCRATS SIDE and maybe they will vote for you, but we doubt it, because they also know YOU CANT BE TRUSTED!

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