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Woke Mob Furious Over This Decision

They should just shut up.

On Tuesday, a source inside the NFL told ESPN that the Packers were fined $300,000. In addition, Rodgers was fined $14,650 for supposedly violating masking guidelines, contact tracing, and other issues connected to the virus protocols.

ESPN also reported that the league warned the Packers that any further violations could result in either a “possible change in draft position or loss of draft choice.”

Despite the hefty fines, the left-wing sports media was furious that the penalties were too low, and many even falsely claimed that the Rodgers fine was levied “because he lied about his vax status” – a claim that is simply untrue.

Many other leftist tweeters were upset that $14K is pennies to Rodgers:

Sources: Breitbart: ‘Wrist Slap’: Leftists Go Ballistic After NFL Fines Aaron Rodgers $14K for Covid Violations

What do you think?

Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. A bunch of babies. If he doesn’t want to get the shot and/or wear a mask that’s ALL on him. Worry about your OWN miserable assessment. If he gets the VID, once again, that’s on him. If he dies from the VID, that’s also on him. If you have the shots already, what the hell are you worried about? These people that DON’T want the shots? It’s ALL on them. And why are y’all whining? There are already way too many people in the world. This is the perfect way to “thin the herd” and get rid of ALL the morons. Problem solved…..EZ PZ

  2. I am Sick and tired of all the Progressive, Liberal Demoncrap, Commie Lies about the China Virus which is not any worse than a Flu or Cold. The Mandate (Which is not a Law) for wearing a Face Diaper, in which wearing one does serious damage to the one’s Body and Psychological Mind and the Franken Shot Mandate which is getting many Politicians and Billionaires as well as Big Pharma Richer. The Franken Shot is Killing off Many people as well as changing the DNA in their body, It is also causes Infertility, miscarriages and Blood Clots to form. The Corrupt and Crooked Politicians who are pushing these unjust, Illegal mandate crap did not take the Franken Shot as they know what is in it and the harm that it does. This is also Against the Nuremberg Code. The China Virus is not destroying America, It is the Crooked and Corrupt Politicians that are Causing the Climate Change with their Ruthless Mandates.

  3. Aaron Rogers has stricken a blow for the most basic human rights. A person’s body belongs to themselves and no other, especially not to a government. The government has no right to inflict an unproven and potentially harmful/deadly vaccine on its citizens. The government run by the Biden Cabal should be impeached for killing American citizens.

    Ron WHITE, a great comedian with a great take on the less than intelligent imbeciles of the left!
    Many years ago, in the town of Nuremberg, Germany, a confluence of great people with a Spirit of Freedom decided that NO ONE has the right to FORCE any experiment on anyone without the person’s consent!
    To PREVENT people like MENGELE or FAUX-XI from experimenting with untested, unproven, undocumented, UNSAFE products on people like the Jews in the concentration camps or THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD TODAY!!!!!

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