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Worst Governor in America Gets Huge Raise

Possibly the most undeserving Governor in America is about to become one of the highest paid.

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s salary will rise by $25,000 in January amid an economic downturn spurred by the coronavirus pandemic, numerous sources reported.

The raise will bring Cuomo’s salary to $250,000, ranking him among the highest paid governors in the country, the Niagara Gazette reported. The pay increase is attributed to legislative action that was implemented prior to the pandemic in 2019, but a pay commission is urging a moratorium on raises for state officials due to the “extreme economic shock” that has impacted New York’s state revenues.

“Granting raises to public servants, no matter how much they might otherwise deserve them is simply not possible at this time,” the Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation said in a report published Nov. 11. The commission called New York’s economic outlook for fiscal year 2021 “bleak,” and cited an estimated $60.5 billion loss in the state’s budget along with an unemployment rate that could average at 11.4%.

“Given the state’s extremely precarious fiscal condition the Commission is constrained from recommending salary increases for the next four year for judges, legislators, and executive branch officials,” the report concludes.

The commission was created in 2015 to insulate lawmakers from backlash they could face if they were to increase their pay, according to the Niagara Gazette.

Cuomo’s and Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul, however, will receive pay raises on top of raises they got last January. The Government Justice Center, a conservative government watchdog, sued to block the pay raise in December 2019, alleging that the state’s constitution prohibits changing a governor or lieutenant governor’s pay during their term.

Cuomo’s salary jumped from $200,000 in 2019, to $225,000 in January 2020. The pay raises would also benefit Cuomo’s and Hochul when they retire, since New York state pensions are based in part on an employee’s three highest consecutive years of pay.

The Joint Commission on Public Ethics, the state’s ethics oversight agency, is responsible for granting approval for public officials seeking to gain outside income of more than $5,000. The Times Union reported that the commission was reviewing the approval it gave to Cuomo’s book deal.

Sources: The Daily Caller: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Is Already The Highest Paid Governor, And He’s About To Get A Raise

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. In the picture where Cuomo has his hands in the air, what is that insignia on his shirt? Is that a Governor’s crest or seal?
    Our Gov. here in Texas wears shirts that have his name embroidered with his title “Governor” below his name. What audacity!
    Yup, Texas’ Gov. Abbott needs a crown, since he considers himself a king. Isn’t it unique how soros money can corrupt even Governors?

    • I agree.Isn’t someone over him? It must be nice to be a glutton and take taxpayers money for being an obnoxious baby murderer and telling people how they can live their lives.

  2. Wow, talk about one hippocrit. Massive move out taking tax $$ with them. All kinds of unemployment and you think you deserve a raise? Don’t care what was passed in your legislature, YOU should be the bigger man (term used loosely) and not take it. Like PRESIDENT TRUMP hasn’t taken 1 pay check. What a hippo 🦛

  3. Cuomo has said that he won’t take a salary! Given that I know very little about him, I have no idea if his word is to be trusted! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see and meantime, hope for the best!

    • He will take salary but I think you are referring to the raise of $25.000. You can make one hell of a pile of his mothers meatballs with 25 gs

  4. What would you call what we moderns have become? We are so all powerful that we can change our gender, declare ourselves non citizens (of course, while continuing to get all the benefits thereof), demand that our churches conform to our own set of rules versus theirs, etc. The term spoiled brats comes to mind. “Adolphe” Cuomo is the ultimate spoiled brat, tyrannical, pouty, demanding, egotistical, appalling, narcissistic and domineering. Of course he gave himself a raise, and will probably give himself a promotion (president, perhaps) and if we his inferiors do not agree with him, heaven help us. The man’s a delusional maniac!

  5. People are going bankrupt, and Cuomo gets a raise? People are starving, and Pelosi shows off her 2 freezers full of gourmet ice cream? Californians are locked down in their homes, and Gavin Newsome it out partying, and Michigan Governor is out boating while staying at their vacation home? It is obvious that Democrats only are in it for themselves, and care nothing for their constituents. The new Democrat battle cry is “RULES FOR THEE, NOT FOR ME”

  6. A Prime Example for why NO POLITICIAN should have the power to Vote Themselves a Pay Raise.
    Singularly, or as a body of politicians.
    Cuomo deserves a Prison Cell, not a pay raise.

  7. Why isn’t he given a PRISON CELL for SEDITION and TREASON instead? . . . He CERTAINLY deserves THAT instead! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

    • We have those to thank who voted for them and allowed these people to cheat, lie, steal and be criminals to get themselves elected. I think we should allow the deaths of children through teenagers. If this is about convenience, teenagers are the most inconvenient of all. I say this having raised six of them. No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us. We are, after all, the biggest joke there is! Ok, all you kids and people in nursing homes, line up for the firing squads.

  8. I wish I could debate that DEMONRAT.
    It would be so easy to debunk everything he says.
    And brand him the TRAITOT he surely is, just as the “bo the TRAITOR”, and “biden the chinese slave”.

  9. New York this is what you get for voting him in along with Debasio and AOC and all the Democrats!!!!!!!!! Just think he and his family will be eating VERY well for the Holidays. Will you????? Texans vehicles are lined up for the thousands on the highway for food at the food banks!!!!!!!!! This is unacceptable and BS!!! Not a fake story!!!!!!! While all the Democrats are pulling in Millions on top of millions and all these BIg CEO and BIG elites have billions and won’t even help the ppl in our country. Because they want control over all of us FACTS!!!! HOW MUCH MORE ARE WE GOING TO TAKE AND PUT UP WITH?????? Now us conservatives are being target from AOC CNN one news women even called for us to be murdered!!! There’s a video

  10. I couldn’t have said it better myself. ALL politicians are lying SOBs and two dead flies is too much to pay for any of them. However, it’s the dumb ass uninformed American electorate that keeps sending these criminals back to their phoney jobs so long as they tell them what they want to hear, just like the dumb asses who voted for Biden/ Harris. I predict that by the mid terms, a majority of the people who voted for these two will be crying the blues.

  11. I guess all it takes to get a raise in the government of New York State is to murder about 6,000 senior citizens. There is a special place in Hell just waiting for Andy.

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