You Won’t Believe Who Is Trashing America

She should be thankful of the country she lives in.

Porn legend Mia Khalifa had a bizarre Fourth of July message for her fans.

While Independence Day is a blast for most of us as we drink beer and celebrate freedom, she decided to take some shots at the country that helped make her famous!

“I just want to remind you guys on this beautiful Independence Day that all America does is destabilize other countries, and then treat refugees and immigrants from those destabilized countries like second class citizens and trash,” Khalifa said in a video shared on her Instagram story to her 24.5 million followers.

You can watch her full comments below.

This is just oozing in irony given Khalifa’s own personal history with foreign countries. Following her explosion in popularity in the adult entertainment world, she received death threats from individuals in the Middle East, including ISIS.

Yet, she apparently thinks that the USA is the problem. Yes, the country that has welcomed her with open arms and helped make her famous is the problem.

I’m really getting sick and tired of all this hate towards America. It’s out of control. We have Mia Khalifa, who has faced death threats, complaining about the USA.

It’s almost like these people don’t care about facts. They’ll just say anything for attention.

If you hate America so much, then feel free to live in whatever dictatorship you’d like! It’s not that hard to figure out.

The rest of us will continue to love this amazing country.

Sources: DailyCaller: Porn Legend Mia Khalifa Trashes America On The Fourth Of July

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. She has a right to her opinion, but if she doesn’t like it here she’s certainly free to go back to whatever sh&t-hole country she came from.

  2. I for one would gladly support the use of taxpayer dollars, to ship ALL these America haters to the communist country of their choice! Let them spew their vitriol from countries that would welcome them (and their money) with open arms!

  3. I could be wrong, but I believe she’s free to move back to that “paradise” she came from! Yes, you suck, literally and figuratively!!

  4. I say to this traitor just as I do to all the others who trash our country – don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you cross the border.

  5. If only my late Ukrainian grandmother were still here to give this unwelcome ingrate a piece of her mind. My grandmother was only about eight or nine years old when Communist Russia seized her country. The Communists then ransacked farms and small businesses all across the country. The Communists raided my great-grandfather’s farm and stole everything–the barn and other properties, the crops, the livestock, and the farm house, leaving my grandmother and her family homeless. The Ukrainians were forbidden to use their native language and keep their culture. Their children were forced to learn Russian and to do their schoolwork in Russian. Of course the Communists did the same thing in all the other countries they conquered. The Communists banned freedom of religion and closed the churches and other houses of worship, and turned some of them into museums. Atheism began to be taught in the Communist schools. Most Russian parents rebelled at this. My great-grandparents were not about to turn over their daughter to such a false and destructive arrangement. They endured nine terrible years under Communism before they could come legally to America. In late 1928. My grandmother was then about sixteen. Later, she met and married a Czech man who had come here legally at age thirteen in 1920 because Europe had been devastated by World War 1.
    He had already learned English, and helped my grandmother to learn it. They became Americans. They became successful family farmers, and raised four children to be good citizens. Like most other immigrants of their time, my grandmother and her family appreciated America. Sadly, too many newcomers to America today are freeloading racist ingrates who act up instead of being grateful. These folks do not deserve to be here and whether they are legal or illegal, should be deported.

  6. She needs to move back to her ‘mother’ country, Lebanon, and pursue a life of freedom and equity (especially for women)……

  7. If people don’t like it here, why the heck don’t they leave??? My dad was born in Mexico, but came here, got married and had children. I am grateful that I was born here and have had a wonderful life, own my home, and have had all the advantages of being an AMERICAN! Anyone who doesn’t see that they can get ahead here as in no other country is just plain blind and stupid.

  8. Why are these TERRORIST minded idiots allowed to remain in our Government and being paid by taxpayers to belittle our country. There must be a law that can get rid of them and deport or imprison them as TERRORIST or sympathizers to those who are attempting to dissolve our GREAT AMERICAN WAY. GOD BLESS AMERICA, ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

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