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YouTube Illegally Bans Republican Star

YouTube continued its assault on conservative voices with ban.

The episode featured author and commentator Michael J. Knowles, who pointed out that those who deny that men and women are inherently different are at odds with “basic reality.”

PragerU, which hosts the Candace Owens show, confirmed that the video had been deleted by YouTube.

“More censorship: today, YouTube completely removed our episode of the Candace Owens show featuring guest Michael J. Knowles for ‘hate speech’,” said PragerU’s official Twitter account.


PragerU said that a second video by Owens, featuring Wall Street Journal writer Abigail Shrier, was also taken down by YouTube. Shrier is the author of Irreversible Damage, a book criticizing the harms caused by the transgender movement.

The book was briefly removed from sale at Target at the behest of left-wing activists, although it was quickly reinstated. Amazon, while it continues to sell the book, blocked the publisher, Regnery, from running a paid ad to promote it.

YouTube confirmed that the Knowles episode was removed because it violated the company’s hate speech policy.

Owens scathingly criticized the Silicon Valley tech giant in a comment.

YouTube removed an entire episode of the Candace Owens show because we said that men are not women, and women are not men. I honestly cannot even believe how absolutely batshit woke you have to be to believe basic truth to be “hate speech,” said Owens on Twitter.

“YouTube, you are outrageous.”

“YouTube just deleted my 16-month-old interview on the Candace Owens show for “hate speech,” presumably because I mention in our conversation that men are not women,” said Knowles.

“Just imagine what Big Tech is getting ready to do if Joe Biden is named president.”

Candace Owens’ full interview with Knowles can still be watched at PragerU.

Sources: Breitbart: YouTube Censors Candace Owens for Criticizing Transgender Craze

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Written by Joshua Jackson


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  1. It’s time to shutdown or at least breakup YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google! Antitrust rings true and echoes. Censorship has no place in America. This is not communist China, Cuba, etc. Shut them down! Fine the he|| out of them! Fine them for all their profits for the last four years! Hurt them hard where it hurts: their pocket books! No place in America for these fascists, these wanna be communists, these totalitarians. Bring them down!

  2. they will do anything if the money is right. george Soros plus others are the ones funding/ demanding what needs /what done. who gets rich with payoffs

  3. So now we’re supposed to deny science, biology and anatomy? What the hell is wrong with these people? Pointing out the obvious is now hate speech? Give me a break!!! And a shout out to Candance Owens!!!


  4. We had a chance when “social” media first started up to put controls and oversight in place. But everyone was so enthralled and addicted, the thought of all this power being misused never entered most people’s little minds! And here we are!!!

  5. Why why won’t the powers that be remove their protection from libel because of this. It’s a clear violation of the rules that govern the protection. We aren’t a Socialist country yet.

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