5 of the Most Conservative Cities in the US

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Thinking of moving? We have the conservative cities that can provide you with the values of old.
1. Pepper Pike, Ohio
Located on the shores of Lake Erie and situated within historic Geauga County, Pepper Pike is a small affluent suburb near Cleveland. Though primarily known as a desirable residential area, this highly conservative city has strict voting trends consistently favoring Republican candidates at the national and local levels. Not only does it boast a traditionally Christian demographic, but it also hosts notable religious institutions like Saint Noel Catholic Church, contributing to its conservative atmosphere. Residents in Pepper Pike lead an upscale life yet proudly adhere to conservative values and traditional customs in line with its deep community spirit.

2. Manti, Utah
Situated in the picturesque Utah countryside, Manti offers outdoor adventures amidst nature while remaining loyal to its deeply ingrained conservative roots. This historic town is known not only as the home of Brigham Young College and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Temple but also as one of the most heavily Mormon influenced communities across the country. The residents of Manti generally align themselves with the more conservative beliefs commonly associated with this faith and participate arduously, upholding family and community values in their daily lives. Hence, its strong political associations translate into consistent conservative voting patterns.

3. Castle Pines, Colorado
Castle Pines, Colorado boasts beautiful vistas as it sits nestled along Clear Creek between Denver and Golden. Although located in the socially progressive state of Colorado, this conservative enclave maintains a stark contrast within the region. The area draws families seeking peaceful living, spurring a high voter turnout amongst well-educated Republicans. Castle Pines is one of several Republican strongholds in Colorado which, due to its location and scenic splendor, have managed to carve out a uniquely conservative corner in the predominantly left-leaning state.

4. West Bloomfield Township, Michigan
Located just west of Detroit near several prestigious universities, such as Oakland University and Wayne State University, West Bloomfield Township features comfortable amenities yet firmly adheres to traditional conservativism. As one of the predominantly White populated areas in Michigan, its diverse religious demographic leans towards observant Jewish and Christian population. This results in sustained support for conservatives both locally and nationally – evident from the persistent voter history in West Bloomfield Township.

5. Naperville, Illinois
Often considered an ideological mix where Democrats and Republicans reside almost equally divided, Naperville stands out as a rare conservative bastion in otherwise blue liberal state of Illinois. It boasts thriving businesses, great schools, and cleanliness factors that attract middle-class conservative families who find the suburban tranquility appealing. While it cannot be generalized as purely conservative across all social and economic lines, there is indeed a significant contingent in Naperville with a traditional conservative worldview and voting tendency. These conservatives tend to hold positions of power at various municipal offices, thus fostering the city’s overall conservative environment.

Note: There may be other cities with conservative pockets around the nation, but these five illustrate prominent examples of strong conservative leanings within major US cities – balanced both by region and socioeconomics.