The EU is Quietly Panicking Because They Think Joe Biden Will Lose in 2024

koya979 /
koya979 / shutterstock.comIt’s almost 18 months until the next election here in the US, but the European Union is already scrambling to try to sucker as much ...Read More

Tim Scott May Be the One to Watch in 2024 

Christopher Halloran /
Christopher Halloran / shutterstock.comWith high-profile names like DeSantis and Trump stealing headlines every day in their bids for the 2024 Republican presidential nomi ...Read More

Adam Schiff to Be Fined $16 Million

lev radin /
lev radin / shutterstock.comWe’ve known since 2017, at the very latest, that California Representative Adam Schiff is about as slimy as they come. And now, he i ...Read More

Debt Crisis? The Buck Stops Here Unless Biden is to Blame 

Trevor Bexon /
Trevor Bexon / shutterstock.comIn the 2020 election cycle, President Joe Biden came out of the basement long enough to make promises that have come back to haunt h ...Read More

Obama Shares What Keeps Him Up at Night

Drop of Light /
Drop of Light / shutterstock.comWith Barack Obama essentially being a has-been, having already served the maximum number of terms in the highest office in the land, ...Read More

Caitlyn Jenner Sounds the Alarm on the Rising Rates of Transgenderism 

G Holland /
G Holland / shutterstock.comCaitlyn Jenner is weighing in on what she views as an alarming increase in transgenderism, accusing Democrats of “destroying the fam ...Read More

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The Old Major /
The Old Major / shutterstock.comTry as you might, you won’t make a Navy SEAL look weak, or even their lawyers. Somehow, Tara Palmeri of Puck News (formerly Politico ...Read More

Reporter Caught Trying To Make DeSantis Look Weak; His Team Set the Record Straight

helloRuby /
helloRuby / shutterstock.comA “rising star” of the Democrat Party has been fined $10,000 for ethical violations during her time as Kentucky Secretary of State. ...Read More

Former KY Secretary of State Fined $10K for Mishandling Voter Data Through the 2020 Election

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.comIf you know anything about Hillary Clinton, it’s likely that along with constantly failing, she’s also continually blaming others, e ...Read More

Even Hillary Thinks Biden is Too Old

MaxyM /
MaxyM / shutterstock.comGlobal warming is a doomsday religious cult. If its high priests and priestesses of communism are not stopped, they are going to cau ...Read More

Climate Cultist John Kerry Says They’re Coming to Seize American Small Farms

Philip Yabut /
Philip Yabut / shutterstock.comHouse Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has turned out to be mostly disappointing during his first months as Speaker. He’s done a few go ...Read More

GOP Rep. Introduces Impeachment Articles against FBI Director & J6 Prosecutor

New Africa /
New Africa / shutterstock.comIf you know much about Democrats, or at least their agenda, it’s about as two-faced as they come, saying one thing while doing or me ...Read More

Dem Congresswoman is Thrashed for Making Racist Suggestion About Illegals

Salma Bashir Motiwala /
Salma Bashir Motiwala / shutterstock.comIn a “my way or the highway” moment at the White House, President Joe Biden refuses to negotiate on the debt ceiling. Instead, he is ...Read More

Biden May Invoke the 14th Amendment to Justify Borrow and Spend Policies

Around the World Photos /
Around the World Photos / shutterstock.comWith another presidential Donald Trump run officially in the works, it seems everyone is talking about who his pick for vice preside ...Read More

New Details About Potential Trump Running Mate Emerge

Featureflash Photo Agency /
Featureflash Photo Agency / shutterstock.comApparently, I’m not the only one tired of hearing about election deniers. Comedian Russell Brand has heard far too much as well. And ...Read More

Hillary Clinton and Dems are Torched by Russell Brand on Election Fraud

nito /
nito / shutterstock.comArmed Forces Day is a significant holiday celebrated in the United States every third Saturday in May. It is a day set aside for hon ...Read More

Armed Forces Day: What Is It & Why Should You Care?

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