AGs Call Out Biden for Plan That Would Ban Christians from Fostering Children

Pixel-Shot /
Pixel-Shot / shutterstock.comJust about anyone with a lick of sense knows that the liberal left, by way of the Biden administration, has waged war on Christianity and American Christians. Their latest move is to effectively ban Christians from being allowed to become foster parents. Yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to a proposed plan by Biden’s Department […]


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Dmytro Larin /
Dmytro Larin / shutterstock.comThe mainstream media has been gaslighting the American people about Joe Biden’s illegal proxy war against Russia, via Ukraine, for a ...Read More

Shocking: Ukrainian News Station Accidentally Publishes the Real Number of KIAs in the War

Clare Louise Jackson /
Clare Louise Jackson / shutterstock.comI think we can all agree that the United States of America has come a long way, as have most civilizations and cultures. And yet, th ...Read More

School District Brings Back Segregation by Race

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
Muhammad Aamir Sumsum / shutterstock.comMany would and have claimed that King Charles III is bringing England up to date, as his style of rule doesn’t follow the traditions ...Read More

King Charles Invokes Medieval Law to Make Huge Profits

Sambulov Yevgeniy /
Sambulov Yevgeniy / shutterstock.comJoe Biden’s illegal and unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandate for the troops is likely to cost the taxpayers billions of dollars. T ...Read More

Soldiers Punished for Biden’s Vax Mandate Sue for Billions

Jim Vallee /
Jim Vallee / shutterstock.comThe Sanctuary City jig is finally up. A group of black Chicagoans held a protest outside City Hall last week to demand that the loca ...Read More

Black Chicagoans Threaten to Vote Republican if the Illegal Aliens Don’t Get Out NOW

Eugene Onischenko /
Eugene Onischenko / shutterstock.comFollowing the orders of the officers appointed over you can be one of the most difficult pieces in the military. When the Department ...Read More

“Baby Come Back”- Army Begs for Anti-Vax Troops to Return

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Artem Beliaikin /
Artem Beliaikin / shutterstock.comMajor volume discount store Ross has proven that the American people’s love of high-quality goods from last season or as rejected lo ...Read More

Discount Retailers Are Enjoying Banner Year Under Bidenomics

monticello /
monticello / shutterstock.comRecently, Osama bin Laden’s memoir about 9/11 started making the rounds on social media. In a piece released in 2002, he explained w ...Read More

Social Media Actively Censors bin Laden’s 9/11 Memoir

L.E.MORMILE / shutterstock.comWhat started as a celebration over Fox’s decision to distance itself from controversial talk-show host Tucker Carlson quickly turned ...Read More

Tucker Carlson for VP? Trump Hints It’s Possible 

Studio Romantic /
Studio Romantic / shutterstock.comChinese President Xi Jinping’s first visit with President Biden since November 2022 and his first visit to the US in more than 6 yea ...Read More

Biden Accomplishes the Bare Minimum With Chinese President Xi Visits

Drop of Light /
Drop of Light / shutterstock.comThe Biden regime’s “climate envoy” John Kerry has indicated that he’s now willing to spend even more of your tax dollars to try to f ...Read More

John Kerry Promises to Spend Your Tax Dollars on Climate Reparations to Other Countries

lev radin /
lev radin / shutterstock.comWondering who newly elected and conservative Speaker of the House Mike Johnson will vote for and endorse? Well, he made that very cl ...Read More

Speaker Johnson is “All In” for This 2024 Candidate

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Biden White House Christmas Tree Topples Over in Perfect Metaphor

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel / creators.comIn what many observers think is a perfect metaphor for the direction that America is heading with Joe Biden in the White House, the ...Read More

Guns are Blazing After Black Friday Deals

Magi Bagi /
Magi Bagi / shutterstock.comThere are always deals to be had on Black Friday. Most people are buying massive TVs or crockpots or Christmas pajamas with those de ...Read More

300k Hondas Recalled Over Forgotten Safety Part

Yuriy K /
Yuriy K / shutterstock.comDespite being some of the cheapest automobiles on the road, Hondas have a reputation for being some of the safest and most reliable ...Read More

Majority of Americans Polled Would NOT Volunteer to Fight if the US Goes to War

Ground Picture /
Ground Picture / shutterstock.comAs America’s enemies continue to make threatening moves, many see the writing on the wall: War will soon be upon us. The question is ...Read More

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