AOC Gives “Green New Deal” Mouth to Mouth

Andrew Leyden /
Andrew Leyden /

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is doing everything she can to revive the idea of a “Green New Deal” in any form. This time, she thinks she and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) can get the deal done. This time, though, they are focused on a new idea and a new industry—housing.

Achieving instant brand recognition with the name “Green New Deal for Public Housing,” AOC and the Bernout think that they have their finger on the pulse of home ownership. Never mind that Bernie hasn’t bought a house in generations, and AOC lives in a city where a brownstone (ie. townhouse) is more cherished than a standalone house.

Speaking with Politico on the deal, AOC said, For a long time, we could pass a tax incentive here or there and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got a great housing policy!!’ And everyday people … were supportive because there was still that dream and that idea that ‘I’m going to be buying a home soon … that’s within the horizon for me.’ Right now, we have an entire generation — that is ascending into becoming the most powerful electorate, the largest electorate — for which that is decades away.”

Their answer? Repealing the Faircloth Amendment. An under-reported policy enacted in 1999, liberals claim it has prevented the Department of Housing and Urban Development from building more public housing. In their way of looking at things, this will fix the issue and get people to have housing.

Yet, it doesn’t do a damn thing to help people buy a house. Calling out the stories of Vienna and Singapore, AOC proclaims that this worked there, so it must work here. Never mind the fact that those are incredibly different situations and was working with significantly fewer people. This is just another in the long list of failures the left will do anything to make happen.