Gold Isn’t the Only Metal You Should Be Buying in 2024

Stepan Kapl /
Stepan Kapl /

For decades now, Americans have been buying up gold. Even though it no longer props up the US Dollar, its value has remained consistent. With no mines or people looking to flood the market with a massive surplus of gold suddenly, its value has remained consistent and even gone up exponentially in recent years. This has left many fearing that they missed out on the metals market, but there are many hidden investment opportunities waiting to be explored.

Copper is a major source of potential growth. Used frequently in “green” energy components, the US and China use copper almost as fast as it can be extracted from the ground. With many experts predicting the industry won’t go away any time soon, there is a great guarantee in the price as plumbing and home appliances also use it extensively. Copper is only expected to increase in value due to this demand and a lack of supply growth.

Silver is another metal worth investing in. While frequently categorized as the little sister to gold, it has outgained the yellow metal by nearly 5% in April. Still roughly 40% below its all-time high, there is ample headspace with a proper investment. Used frequently in batteries, LED chips, nuclear reactors, and even medicine, demand is only going up. Experts are predicting a 1.2-billion-ounce requirement for 2024, making it the second-highest need for the metal ever.

No matter how you invest, we have learned through Bidenomics being at work that if you don’t invest, you are setting yourself up to lose money. While many try to predict time trends, by the time most of us read about them, it’s simply too late. Instead, investing for the long term, and making nuanced changes as need be is the key to success.

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