Hawaiian Landowner Refuses To Go Along With Big Money Developers, so They Sue

ErnestL / shutterstock.com
ErnestL / shutterstock.com

Developers in Hawaii have been causing problems off and on for decades now. Taking whatever land they want and using it as they see fit, they think that by offering a ‘comparable’ plot, they can do whatever they see fit. Now as first covered in Island News, Annaleine Reynolds, a landowner from California, is demanding the developer get the house they put on her land off.

Built on a plot on the opposite side of where they were supposed to be, they made a blatant and incredible error. Speaking with the landowner outside of court, she told the outlet they admitted they were at fault but then refused to right their wrong.

The single acre owned by Reynolds was purchased a few years ago at a tax auction. Her attorney, James Dipasquale, said, “Today was an opportunity for us to present Ms. Reynolds to the court and tell her side of the story. The fact that she acquired this lot, the fact that she did not know, consent to, authorize the construction, that she had very little communications with these other sides until basically this lawsuit. They attempted to force her to swap lots and now that she’s not complying, they sued her.”

According to the developers, they have made reasonable efforts to find a comparable lot for her and to find a resolution for the problem. They claim the plot on Hawaiian Paradise Park is one of thousands, with dozens currently listed for sale. She says that this plot is incredibly significant to her as it aligns with both her chart and those of her children. No matter her reasoning, this developer failed to do their job, and either falsified records or blatantly disregarded the law.