Islands That Were Supposed to Vanish from Global Warming Are Getting Bigger

Adel Newman /
Adel Newman /

One of the big scare tactics that the global warming lunatics use to try to frighten people into supporting the Green New Deal is that low-lying islands are going to disappear. You’ve heard the scam thousands of times by now. The polar ice caps will melt, entire islands will disappear, and we’ll have to live like Kevin Costner in the movie “Waterworld.” Like all global warming predictions, the prophecy of islands being swallowed by the oceans is utterly false.

Researchers in China have analyzed the land mass of 13,000 islands around the globe, and they’ve discovered that most of them are getting bigger. While it’s true that erosion does eat away at some of the land mass of small islands (which has nothing to do with climate), the process of accretion is also taking place.

By analyzing both surface and satellite records, the researchers determined that the land mass of islands worldwide has increased by 369.67 square kilometers over the past 20 years. That’s the same size as the entire Isle of Wight in England.

The global warming lunatics have been bleating for decades that islands will disappear unless you give up your gas-powered car and live in a grass hut. Just last year, The Guardian reported with a straight face that rising sea levels would “kill entire languages” in places like Tuvalu in the Pacific.

The researchers noted that the 101 islands that makeup Tuvalu are now 2.9% bigger than they were 20 years ago. Other places that measurably increased in size include the Maldives, the Indonesian Archipelago, islands along the Indochinese Peninsula coast, and islands in the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

In the past 50 years that this global warming cult has been trying to scare us into thinking the earth is getting warmer and it’s all our fault, have they ever made a prediction that came true?