Secret Service Refusing To Hear Security Concerns for RNC

Bernhard Richter /
Bernhard Richter /

With the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, right around the corner in July, sources tell the Daily Caller that the Secret Service is not taking threats seriously. Counsel to the Republican National Committee, Todd R. Steggerda, penned a letter to Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle that has gone unresponded to thus far.

Outlining a major security risk to the public with the currently planned route, Steggerda wants to ensure the protected demonstration zone is kept further away. Currently, the Père Marquette Park is essentially just down the road from the designated convention centers of the Fiserv Forum and UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena. As he reiterates, this proposal has protesters and attendees of the convention sharing roads and puts them at odds for things to easily turn violent.

As 50,000 or more people are expected to turn out for Donald Trump to receive the Republican nomination, this kind of setup is begging for problems from the very beginning. With the Milwaukee River backing up to the Père Marquette Park it makes it even more risky. As drones and small ships are being used to move things through rivers and waterways undetected more than ever, this could pose a risk of a major terrorist attack.

Given former President Trump’s stances that go directly against the pro-Palestine/Hamas message that is expected at the RNC protests, GOP members are right to expect trouble. If nothing else has become clear in the last few years, it should be that protests from the left are notoriously violent and problematic. Keeping them separated and away from easy resupply routes should be priority number one for the Secret Service.