Super Tuesday Shock as San Fran Voters Pass Tough-on-Crime Measures

Maks Ershov /
Maks Ershov /

The voters in San Francisco have finally reached their limit when it comes to crime, filth, and public disorder. Both Propositions E and F passed by healthy majority margins on Super Tuesday. One ordinance would expand the power of San Francisco police when it comes to using physical force against dangerous suspects. The other gives the city authority to force homeless people into a drug treatment program and reduce the amount of drugs on the streets. However, the progressive voters of San Francisco also voted to defeat a measure that would have raised their taxes to pay for more police.

The final straw for many San Francisco voters occurred last fall, courtesy of California Governor Gavin “Hair Gel Hitler” Newsom. When Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping was traveling to San Francisco for some globalist confab, Newsom sent in an army of state employees to clean up the city. They rounded up all the homeless and stuck them in camps for several days. They picked up all the garbage off the streets, washed the poop off the sidewalks, and doused everything in a million gallons of bleach.

In less than 24 hours, San Francisco was made to look like it was the 1990s again. Everything was pretty and clean and although it still smelled a little bit like pee, it was a huge improvement. This was how the city used to look before communists took it over.

It was infuriating for the taxpayers in San Francisco. Their communist leaders had been telling them for years that there was just no money to clean the city up. Yet they mopped the city up overnight just to impress some commie dictator from overseas. The voters paid their leaders back by passing Props E and F.

Proposition E reduces the amount of paperwork that SFPD officers have to fill out due to use-of-force incidents. San Francisco’s citizen-led police commission has been taken over by BLM communists over the years, who absolutely hate the police. Thanks to that commission, it takes days for a police officer to fill out the paperwork if he gets into a scuffle with a suspect—even if that scuffle results in no injuries to the suspect. The same goes for police officers who draw their guns during an encounter. Even if they don’t fire a single shot, they are buried under paperwork for days just for taking their gun out of its holster.

That paperwork burden is now gone, and it will free up many man-hours per week when police can be back out patrolling the streets. Prop E also authorized the use of more surveillance cameras to prevent commercial burglaries.

Proposition F gives the city more tools to force public drug users into a treatment program. For years, progressive communist activists have brainwashed people into thinking it is “compassionate” to pass out drug needles to homeless people while telling them that it’s fine to poop on the sidewalk. That’s obviously not compassion. It’s hatred toward your fellow man.

Under Prop F, if the city believes that a welfare recipient is using drugs, they can force that person to be drug-tested to continue receiving benefits. If they fail a drug test, they lose their welfare benefits and in certain cases can be forced into treatment.

These measures aren’t going to fix San Francisco overnight. They still won’t allow police to fracture the skulls of serial shoplifters, for example. Plus, hundreds of commercial businesses have fled the city due to rampant crime and anti-policing policies. It will take a lot more than this to lure them back to San Francisco. It’s a start, though. We learned on Super Tuesday that there actually is a limit to how much filth and crime liberal voters are willing to put up with.