The Trinity for AI Takeover Is Complete – Drones Officially Operating on Air, Land, and Sea


As Americans start to look back on some of the Sci-Fi of the past century, one central theme stands out it’s going to be the robots that take us all out. Part of that theory is the existence of artificial intelligence (AI) powered drones on all three levels of the earth.

Footage from the Russian-Ukrainian war shows us just how diabolical and accurate these new cheap air-based drones are. A large percentage are equipped with AI, so they strike targets with no fear or hesitation and are incredibly precise. Initially used as far back as the 1990s in limited capacity, they have come a long way following 20+ years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On land, Boston Dynamics and a few other corporations have spent decades working on robotic dogs. Now able to run at significant speed, detect gunfire, and respond to attacks in real-time with AI, they are smarter and more capable than our own canines. AI technology designed for police and military working dogs makes them into one hell of a weapon.

Now, the sea drones have arrived.

Called the Ghost Shark and Manta Ray, these unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) are being tested in Australia and the US. These are some of the most freighting drones to date. Capable of being operated below the surface, without external communications, and no longer needing the consistent input they required just a few years ago.

Unfortunately, neither Nation nor the companies working on the projects will say how they got either UUV to be more useable under the surface. With the known addition of AI, it certainly seems like they are preparing for our return to all-out under-the-surface warfare. At this point, we need to be concerned for the US and humanity as a whole. This is simply too much trust in AI not to become sentient.