With Men Failing To Boost Swimsuit Issue Sales, SI Moves to Senior Citizens

rblfmr / shutterstock.com
rblfmr / shutterstock.com

For the last three years, Sports Illustrated has tried to cram transgender “swimsuit models” down the throats of heterosexual men that make up their main readership demographic. With unrelenting backlash over the decision, they decided to try a new lightning rod – the senior citizen market.

Parading out “CBS Mornings” co-host 69-year-old Gayle King, the failing publication chose to surprise her with the news during an on-air segment. While talking about the issue’s history and what they have done over the years, Kate Hudson told King that she would be making history as she joined Hudson and plus-size model Hunter McGrady as cover options.

As the audience applauded her, McGrady made sure she got to share the spotlight by telling King that sexy was more than an age or body size. Using that as a jumping-off point, King told the audience about her refusal to approve heavily retouched shots. While she admitted the dimples on her thighs (read cellulite) could get removed, she said she wanted things to be as they were shot.

Younger than King herself, the issue is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Adding Chrissy Teigen to the list of solo cover models, the issue will also have three more editions featuring 26 other cover stars from the past.

With multiple other athletes and models this year, the editors seem to have learned their lesson about putting men in bikinis in the issue. Given how poorly their last swimsuit editions were received, it seems like maybe they got the hint. With the publication failing and barely hanging on, King looks to represent a last-ditch effort to keep the publication going.