Americans Are Now Waking Up and Becoming “Preppers”

Zerbor /
Zerbor /

For years now, the prepper in American culture has predominantly been made up of one type of individual. The white, bearded, and heavily tattooed men were the prototypical culture. And the trade shows, magazines, and blogs perpetuated that ideology. Corresponding with the same look as white nationalists, the movement had such an off-putting reputation that it kept many people away from it.

Then, in 2017, when Trump won the election, all of that changed.

Suddenly awakened on both sides of the political spectrum, conservatives started learning more about prepping after the liberal cabal was being more exposed than ever before. Similarly, liberals started clutching their spirit crystals and turning to prepping because they believed that Trump was going to bring about the end of days. The seismic shift in the prepper population was more visible than ever before following the release of COVID restrictions.

Trade shows across the country started springing up like never before. Suddenly, the Volvo EV-driving soccer mom was swapping canning tips with a gun shop owner at his booth. People from all walks of life were becoming involved in these shows, and this mixture of cultures has only helped strengthen the community. The community is estimated to have 20 million people across the US who call themselves preppers, and there’s more reason than ever to become a part of it.

As illegals flood over our southern border, foreign governments buy up farmlands, and the crux of our society, technology, is forever coming under attack, we must all be prepared. We have seen that the liberals do not care for us and will do anything they can to snuff out our very existence.

By being prepared with knowledge, skills, and tools to defend ourselves and survive for a month or more without a restock on provisions or outside help, we become ready. We symbolize the epitome of all that liberals and commies fear simply by being prepared for their attempts to choke us off.