Illegals Prevent NYC Teens From Using Soccer Field

lev radin /
lev radin /

The influx of illegals into New York City has had a massive ripple across the hotels, apartments, and parks across the boroughs. Erik Johansson serves as the coach for a travel team of 17-year-olds called the Manhattan Kickers. When they showed up for a weekend game, they saw a group of African illegals had taken over the soccer pitch. Asking them to leave, he says a few seemed to think about it, but the rest refused.

Roughly 40 teens showed up for the game, and about 30 of the illegals were on the field. When they refused to get off the field, someone called the police. Eventually responding, one of Johansson’s assistants provided the cops with a city use permit when requested, but at this point, they were already 30 minutes behind.

With both players and illegals a bit on edge, Johansson opted to simply abandon the field and let it be. He and the players knew that even if the police made them leave, they would just be waiting for them after the game.

According to an article from the New York Post, this all started months ago. “The East Harlem field is packed with teams competing with adults for weekend time on the turf, parkgoers said. Randall’s Island, which sits on the other side of the Harlem River, was converted into shelter space for 2,000 migrants last year at the expense of the popular youth soccer fields.”

Change in NYC is normal, and the people who call the city home are used to adapting on the fly, and as needed. However, the inaction by liberal Mayor Eric Adams is leaving everyone closer to their breaking point than ever. Outcries of racism, discrimination, and demands that citizens give these illegals the American dream on a silver platter are falling on deaf ears. It’s time for a change before NYC is lost for good.