Biden Bizarrely Wanders Off-Stage Mid-Speech

Trevor Bexon /
Trevor Bexon /

We’ve all seen some pretty strange antics from Joe Biden over the years. This latest one falls right in line with all the others, making him even more distracted and definitely a bit creepy.

As you know, Biden, the leading Democratic candidate for the DNC’s nomination, is on the campaign trail these days. Naturally, he’s trying to round up as many votes as possible as states around the country continue to primary.

It also shouldn’t be surprising that he’s finally trying to court Latino voters.

You likely know that Latinos, like several other minority demographics, have historically voted with Democrats, as they have traditionally been the Party of Inclusion and blue-collar workers. However, that has changed in recent years as the Party has taken a decidedly more leftward turn and one that time and time again ignores the true wishes of the people.

As a result, Latino votes have been continually lost to Democrats, especially ones like Biden, who can’t seem to wrap his head around the needs of the country.

So Biden is trying to win some of those votes back.

I’m just not sure ignoring those voters to crow over a baby girl is going to do it.

It happened on Tuesday just before he spoke to a mostly Latino crowd in a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix. While Julie Chavez Rodriguez talked about the reasons why Latinos should vote for Biden and began introducing him, he wandered off stage to play with a baby.

As the camera roll shows, he beelined it for a mother with an infant. Then he proceeded to sit next to the woman so as to continue playing with the small girl, asking various questions about the child’s age and generally making a fuss about her.

Finally, he was officially introduced and so came back to the stage, where he apologized but “couldn’t resist that little baby.”

As usual, he’s paying attention to all the wrong things, and pretty much proving that he doesn’t care wit about it.