Coasties Rescue Pregnant Woman From Fourth Circle of Hell, Also Known As Disney Cruises

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Some people consider the Disney parks to be the “Happiest Place on Earth,” a statement that anyone over 15 and not a devoted Disney fanatic will argue is a lie. With their cruise line, though, there is no escape from Disney. In their parks, little hideaways like the smoker’s spots and the few areas with alcohol give adults a break.

At sea, though, there is no escaping the kids. No adult fun, and no casinos. Honestly, it makes the cruise a bit of a drag.

For one pregnant woman, the cruise became too much, and suddenly she started suffering complications. According to the Coast Guard, “Coast Guard watchstanders in Sector San Juan received a communication from the Disney Fantasy Monday morning requesting medevac assistance as the cruise ship was transiting 260 nautical miles northwest of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Once on scene, the Coast Guard Jayhawk aircrew deployed their rescue swimmer aboard the cruise ship, who prepared a rescue basket and litter to safely hoist the patient and cruise ship doctor aboard the aircraft.”

While nothing indicated that the unnamed 35-year-old was having complications related to her pregnancy, given her age and current condition, it would certainly seem likely. Being surrounded by that many kids and the “Magic of Disney” 24/7 would be enough for anyone, especially without a good stiff drink or even the ability to safely enjoy one. Good on the Coast Guard for such a dramatic but safe and expertly executed extraction. This is a testament to their dedication and training, as well as that of the medical staff aboard the ship.