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Democrat Plot to Keep Trump From Having Classified Information 

Behind the scenes, some lawmakers are quietly preparing plans to thwart a President Donald Trump victory. They're studying his actions and policies from 2024...
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Biden Bizarrely Wanders Off-Stage Mid-Speech

We’ve all seen some pretty strange antics from Joe Biden over the years. This latest one falls right in line with all the others,...

Trump’s SCOTUS Confidence Skyrockets

5 of the Most Conservative Cities in the US

Thinking of moving? We have the conservative cities that can provide you with the values of old. 1. Pepper Pike, Ohio Located on the shores of...
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Addressing Concerns Surrounding President Joe Biden’s Health: A Comprehensive Look

Health and age-related concerns have long trailed any talk of Presidents Biden, given that he was inaugurated in January 2021 at the age of...