Illegals Make Selfies Along the Wall Their First Step on the Biden-Sponsored Tour

Dubova /
Dubova /

With the red carpet rolled out, the Biden administration keeps warmly welcoming illegals into the US with open arms. Over 320,000 illegals have been encountered coming into the US so far in FY 2024, with thousands more walking through more remote sectors unseen in the Tucson, AZ sector alone. They saw over 10,000 passing through, over, and even around the fence on St Patrick’s Day weekend alone. In total, the station accounts for 1/3 of all apprehensions of illegals across the US.

In clips of these illegals strutting through breaches in the wall, they can be seen taking selfies and videos of them passing over and encouraging people on the Mexican side to come on over. The dangerous and violent journey across Mexico is sped up through various services, but the final treks can be incredibly dangerous. Coyotes stand by to help people across, and they are quick to assault or kill those unwilling to pay for their “services.”

As the Biden administration continues to underfund the Border Patrol or do anything to combat the surge of illegals, many cities and states are left to their own devices. With a lack of federal funding to help the problem, officials end up taking up other states on their offer to be “sanctuary cities.” Bussing these illegals across the country so they have a place to be, many of these illegals are going right back to their roots and committing crimes left and right.

Using jails as another stop on the Biden “Welcome Home” tour for illegals, they are booked, processed, and back out on the streets within hours. There are no consequences or responses for their actions; they just keep pushing forward on their criminal enterprises. Done with the Biden administration and his liberals on standby to ensure they stay out of jail and are given multiple chances, the citizens who have been in the community for decades are now paying the price.

Time to get Trump in office and make the last stop on their illegal tour be the other side of the border and banned from the US.