Louisiana Bill Would Legalize Running Over Protesters (Sort of)

Ron Adar / shutterstock.com
Ron Adar / shutterstock.com

The Louisiana state House of Representatives has passed a bill that provides a shield from liability to drivers who are forced to run over protesters during tense or frightening situations. The heads of liberal reporters are exploding over the legislation, and they’re claiming that the bill makes it legal to “murder” protesters. It should be noted that these same reporters can’t tell a riot from a mostly peaceful protest.

Under Louisiana’s HB383, if a crowd is illegally blocking a roadway and a driver feels as if their life is in imminent danger, that driver cannot be sued civilly for causing bodily injury, death, or damage by running over protesters. That’s not even close to legalizing “murder.”

A person could even still be prosecuted with criminal charges for running over protesters. The bill simply shields drivers from civil lawsuits if they run someone over while they feel like they’re “in immediate danger of imminent death, bodily injury or serious bodily harm.”

Florida has passed even stronger legislation into law that ensures drivers are not liable for injury or death “caused if fleeing for safety from a mob.” The state also stiffened penalties for illegally blocking traffic during a riot.

These laws are designed to protect people from actions like we saw in 2020 when domestic terrorists with Black Lives Matter were shooting at motorists and even pulling people from their cars and beating them in the streets.

Most cities allow groups to purchase a parade permit and will even have police block streets off so they can safely hold a protest. That’s perfectly legal. These laws are designed to prevent the rioting and looting that happened in 2020 to try to prevent Donald Trump’s reelection. The bill now heads to the Louisiana Senate for consideration.