Revealed: Democrats Form Secret Task Force to Combat Third-Party Challengers

Jason Kolenda /
Jason Kolenda /

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is rolling out what they probably think is their magnum opus of campaigns, this time to tackle the oh-so-terrifying specter of third-party and independent candidates in the 2024 presidential showdown. According to the latest news, the DNC views third-party alternatives as significant hurdles to President Joe Biden’s quest for re-election.

According to NBC News, they’re pulling out all the stops with a cocktail of communication blitzes, digging up dirt, and throwing legal tantrums in the form of lawsuits at the likes of Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West of the Justice for All Party, Jill Stein from the Green Party, and the audacious No Labels “Unity Ticket.”

Why are they going to such lengths? There is a possibility that these candidates and others, whose identities are currently unknown, may choose to run for election alongside Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. This could lead to a more competitive and diverse political landscape, potentially leading to more votes being siphoned from Joe Biden’s side.

DNC spokesperson Matt Corridoni outlined the campaign’s objectives, emphasizing the unique challenges of this year’s election cycle. Corridoni expressed concern about the upcoming election, highlighting the GOP’s efforts to support third-party candidates such as Robert Kennedy Jr. as an indirect means to aid Donald Trump. Emphasizing the high stakes involved, he assured that no chances would be taken for granted. The plan, he explained, is to focus on educating voters and ensuring that all candidates adhere to the established rules.

The DNC’s campaign group is being spearheaded by some highly skilled operatives, namely Lis Smith, Mary Beth Cahill, and Ramsey Reid.

Stefanie Spear from Kennedy’s campaign emphasized his broad political appeal in response to the DNC’s efforts. “A significant majority of Americans desire an alternative to the binary choice presented, seeking a candidate who can unify and inspire beyond the divisiveness of Trump and Biden,” Spear noted, positioning Kennedy as that unifying figure.

The DNC has already acted against Kennedy, lodging a Federal Election Commission complaint against a super PAC supporting him for allegedly conducting activities that should be classified as direct contributions.

Pat Dennis of American Bridge views Kennedy and similar third-party initiatives as extensions of the Trump campaign, underlining the importance of maintaining unity within the anti-Trump coalition for victory.

Other campaigns have reacted differently, with Jason Call, campaign manager for Jill Stein, criticizing the DNC’s approach as undemocratic. Call argues for focusing on impactful legislation rather than limiting electoral choices, pointing out the broader issue of major parties being entangled with corporate interests, against which third parties, especially the Green Party, stand in opposition.

Meanwhile, the group No Labels requested a formal DOJ investigation into whether the individuals engaging in the alleged conspiracy are subverting No Labels’ right to access the ballot in time for November’s general election.

No Labels, a 501(c)(4) social welfare nonprofit organization, is following a 2008 federal court ruling that allows it to gain ballot access, provided it does not promote a particular candidate. Although No Labels is not running a campaign or supporting a candidate, it is working towards creating a foundation for an unknown nominee who can benefit from the organization’s ballot access before the November election.

No Labels has successfully achieved ballot access in 14 states, with plans to gain access in 13 more states and ultimately secure ballot access in 32 states by the end of this year.

This surge in third-party candidates has raised concerns among various advocacy and political groups about the potential for them to divert critical votes away from Biden which would in turn enhance Trump’s odds of winning the 2024 election.

Trump’s campaign confidently cites multiple polls with him leading over Biden. Campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt notes Trump’s strong performance in key battleground states and among independent voters. She does not believe that third-party candidates will change the course of the election.