Sanders: Israel Can Defend Itself, but They Are Responsible for Civilians Hamas Hides Behind

Rich Koele /
Rich Koele /

Making his seemingly bi-annual appearance before CNN’s “The Lead,” Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tried his best to toe the line of the liberal agenda and wound up making a disaster. Asked by host Jake Tapper about how he feels concerning people who say Hamas started it, Bernie could do little more than listen with disbelief. As Tapper explained, many (rightly) believe that Hamas is looking to exterminate the Jews, hides behind their own people, and uses Palestinians as shields, and Sanders was suddenly uncomfortable.

“I would agree with you. Hamas is a terrible, terrible terrorist organization that started this war. And what I have said from the beginning, Jake, Israel has a right to defend itself and go to war against Hamas. That’s what I believe. I think most people believe. But you do not have a right to damage or destroy 70% of the housing units in Gaza.”

As Sanders continued to shift blame towards Israel, Tapper again reframed the question and pointed out the misuse and abuse of the Palestinian people by Hamas. He emphasized how Hamas has been using their deaths to count them as martyrs and to make it appear as if they liked being home to Hamas.

“I think that is, perhaps, a part of the problem, but it’s not the real problem. The real problem right now is, we are looking, as I mentioned a moment ago, [at] massive starvation. That is not caused by Hamas. That is simply caused by Israel not allowing the hundreds and hundreds of trucks that are lined up at the border to get in and go to the areas that it is needed. That is Israel’s responsibility, not Hamas’.”

Like many of his fellow blind sheep liberals. Sanders believes that Hamas is essentially above blame for the conflict they have started. Ignoring the glaring war crimes Hamas has committed, as well as the horrific rape and genocide of the Israeli people, he continues to buy into their crafted narrative that Hamas isn’t so bad. This kind of mentality is the same one many looked at the Nazis with before Hitler completely rose to power. Currently, the US is making a lot of bad decisions this time around, and it could prove costly in the long term.