Schoolgirl Dragged Out of Class & Treated Like a Criminal for Posting a Smurfs Video

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Nicescene /

A 16-year-old girl in Germany was pulled out of her classroom and arrested by police for posting a video of the Smurfs on TikTok. This is just the latest sign that 21st-century liberals are reverting to their repressive, civil rights-destroying communist roots. The Smurfs video was a harmless joke referencing Germany’s new populist conservative AfD party. The girl, whose first name is Loretta, was humiliated in front of her classmates and terrorized by the police for posting a political joke online.

Here’s the joke that brought the wrath of German authorities down on a 16-year-old girl:

“What do the Smurfs have in common with Germany? They are blue. And so is Germany.”

The Smurfs, of course, were the lovable and fictitious little blue creatures from a Saturday morning cartoon that every Gen Xer remembers. Blue also represents the color of Alternative for Germany (AfD). The AfD is the only patriotic and conservative political party in Germany. Naturally, the rest of the fake uni-party frauds in Germany hate AfD, and constantly refer to it as “racist,” “queer-phobic,” “climate denialist,” and “anti-vax.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s because, policy-wise, the AfD is Germany’s version of our MAGA movement.

A snitch in the girl’s classroom reported her to the school principal for posting the Smurfs joke on TikTok. Proving that teacher unions are the same no matter which country you go to, the principal immediately called the cops, as if the girl were some sort of terrorist threat for posting something naughty on the internet.

The principal, Jan-Dirk Zimmerman, reported the child to police for posting “potentially anti-constitutional content.” When the police yanked her out of the classroom, the girl was arrested and issued a “formal police warning” as a preventive measure against “incitement.” Because, as we all know, Smurfs videos can incite people to political violence, right?

Loretta’s mother stated in an interview, “You can criticize our conservative political views, you can reject them, find them wrong and reprehensible, we respect that. But to call the police because of a pupil’s opinion – that’s simply unbelievable!”

It’s not that unbelievable, at least to people who have been paying attention. Scratch any liberal, and you’ll find a communist authoritarian underneath who wants to send you and your children to die in a gulag for the slightest political disagreement.

The police have defended their actions by stating that they were taking preventive measures to “avert dangers to the general public or individuals.” Once again, in case anyone missed the point, it was a Smurfs video on TikTok.

The cops also say the girl is fortunate they didn’t charge her with posting “anti-constitutional or terroristic symbols” on the internet, or with a hate crime for inciting violence against immigrants.

That’s an awful lot of interpretation to be thrown at a Smurfs video. Amazingly, Germany’s Minister of Home Affairs in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern stated that the police actions were appropriate because the cops didn’t put the child in handcuffs.

TikTok, which bills itself as a free speech platform, has removed Loretta’s Smurfs video from the platform. Fortunately, freedom-loving patriots around the world are still sharing it on an actual free-speech platform, Twitter/X.

Here is the type of video that will make liberals call the police on your children: