Teachers Union Enlists Voting Age Students for March on the Polls

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Rawpixel.com / shutterstock.com

When we talk about education, the fear is always that one side of the political aisle or the other is wrongfully influencing our kids in the classroom. For parents in Chicago, that fear just became a reality, as one school has not only proved they are not teaching what they are supposed to be, but also physically taking kids to the polls to vote.

Naturally, teachers and school districts should encourage civil liberties and duties such as voting. So when primaries or local elections come around, talking to voting-age students about heading to polls and making their voices heard isn’t something to frown upon.

However, that line was crossed recently when the Chicago Teachers Union teamed up with known progressive allies such as Chicago Votes, Bring Chicago Home, and La Casa Norte to organize a students’ “day of political engagement.”

The Chicago Votes parade would lead the voting-age students to the polls during school hours, where they could then vote on the controversial “Bring Chicago Home” referendum proposed by Mayor Brandon Johnson.

As Illinois Policy pointed out, it’s most definitely an ethical violation of the school district.

According to the Chicago Public School (CPS) Code of Ethics, “Employees are permitted to engage in Political Activity on a voluntary basis during non-work hours, vacation, or personal time. Employees are not permitted to engage in Political Activity during any other Board compensated time.”

Additionally, it is pointed out that “Political Activity” is defined as “Preparing for, organizing, or participating in any political meeting, political rally, political demonstration, or other political event.”

Clearly, the Chicago Votes parade is a political event and one designed to encourage voters to vote a certain way, in this case for Mayor Johnson’s real estate tax hike. The CTU prepped for it, organized it, and did it all during school hours.

Yeah, I’d say that’s an ethics violation, alright. And an indoctrination of our youth, all after years of proving they aren’t teaching kids what they need to be active members of society.

It looks more like they are training them to be the future of their brainwashed voter base.