Turns Out Marijuana Can Fix Skin Disorders in Man’s Best Friend

fetrinka / shutterstock.com
fetrinka / shutterstock.com

Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil recently researched the idea of using cannabis as a treatment for skin disorders in dogs. Focused on the problems many dogs experience as side effects from steroids to treat their skin, they specifically targeted the autoimmune disease discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE). Dogs suffering from this condition lose their hair, scratch lesions on their skin, and go through tremendous pain from them. Current treatments put a massive strain on these dog’s livers.

Using a full-spectrum oil with a 2:1 THC: CBD ratio, they administered it orally, just one drop per day for three days.

According to the paper, “Within a few weeks, the dog exhibited significant improvement in dermatological signs, accompanied by a concurrent improvement in liver function. Interestingly, the owner reported an improvement in the dog’s behavior shortly after discontinuing prednisolone and within the first day of receiving the cannabis oil… Throughout the treatment period, the dog exhibited robust overall well-being, maintained an active and playful disposition, and experienced a stabilization of its dermatological signs. No corticoids were needed during the [Individualized Cannabinoid Therapy].”

With a lack of side effects and being safe for long-term use, cannabis could quickly become the secret to keeping your furry pets safe and healthy, especially for those dealing with DLE. A safer, easier, and longer-lasting option, this full-spectrum oil might be exactly what these pets need to live a full and healthy life. On its own, CBD has undergone rigorous testing for things like motion sickness, separation, and firework anxiety for dogs as well. In both instances, CBD was a tremendous help, and when some (limited) THC was included, it improved the results in test subjects.

If we can give our closest friends who have already spent a short time on this earth their best lives, why wouldn’t we share this with them?