Dangerous Levels of Lead and Toxins Found in Trix Cereals

chris_tina / shutterstock.com
chris_tina / shutterstock.com

A new report is raising the alarm about potentially toxic chemicals in General Mills’ new brand of “LOADED” cereals, which just launched on February 1st. The new cereal line features “puffed-up larger-than-life squares” that are jam-packed with artificially flavored vanilla crème. Because Americans just aren’t fat enough yet! When Moms Across America (MAA) tested the new cereal brands, they found alarming levels of pesticides, heavy metals, and other gunk in them.

The testing revealed that the LOADED cereal brands had measurable levels of aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, lead, glyphosate, and harmful pesticides in them. The specific types of cereal that they tested were LOADED Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix LOADED, and LOADED Cocoa Puffs.

MAA Director Zen Honeycut says her organization decided to test the cereals for contaminants because of all the artificial flavorings in the LOADED brand. General Mills had seemed relatively committed to making cereals with real foods instead of harmful and fattening processed junk. So, the announcement that the LOADED cereals would be “loaded with creme, food dyes, and highly processed foods” shocked them.

In addition to eight different pesticides, the cereals contained aluminum, cadmium, lead, and arsenic in amounts that far exceed what the FDA allows in drinking water. The Trix LOADED sample had twice as much lead and arsenic as the EPA’s allowable level. It also had 400% more cadmium and 1,630% more aluminum than the allowable levels.

The tested samples also had measurable levels of glyphosate, the inactive ingredient in Roundup weed kill that has been linked to cancer. Monsanto ended up paying $11 billion in a class action lawsuit to people who developed cancer from Roundup.

MAA has sent a letter to General Mills with the test results and a list of demands for better food sourcing. You might be wondering what the FDA is doing right now in the midst of this. They’re busy reminding everyone that the COVID vaccines are “safe and effective,” so they don’t have time to look at what’s in your children’s breakfast cereals.